Corporate Events

Whether it’s small training programs or big conferences, producing the concept with the right venue and entertainment will give the touch of relaxation after the whole day of business conversations. No matter what the size, scope or the guest list for your corporate event; we will design and manage from decor, fabrication of the stage-setup, AV light & sound & entertainment etc. which will refresh your evening by the end of the day while enjoying drinks and meals. We assure genuine impact by delivering compelling live experiences.

Award Ceremonies

Award Ceremony is the highlight of any company’s calendar. There is excitement and celebration but in order to make it memorable, there are unique challenges like choosing and designing appropriate venues, ensuring the best PR efforts, selecting appropriate entertainment acts and organizing after party. We not only specialize in all of the above but at Pi Events & Production we specialize in making the award ceremony more memorable than the previous year.

Sports Events

Sports play an important part on our life, each of us love at least one sport and want to enjoy once in our busy lives. If you are planning to do sports events Pi Events & Production provide our clients the services of booking the venue, fabrication, printing and installation, logistics, entertainment and equipment for setup.

Gala Dinners

Gala Dinner is an evening designed specially at which multiple seating for groups with mouthwatering cuisines and lots of entertainment with speeches or awards are involved. Beautiful venues, nice decoration of flowers, Sound & Light and outstanding entertainment, we deliver all this with our innovative ideas which will make the evening more unique and different.

Family Day

Family Day for us is a Fun Day. We work closely on the client’s requirement and provide full options of concept, theme and provide wide range of venue options, entertainment, games, decoration, props along with F&B which goes with the theme. Apart from providing all these services, we also provide the right flow of whole day event activities.

Product Launch

The launch of each product for the company is the most important first step. The launch event must leave long lasting impact on the audience and create a buzz to boost sales. At Pi Events & Production we work first on the product, understand the brand values and right audience to pitch for the launch and then design the concept how to launch the product in right direction to hit the viewer’s heart at the right place. We are fully equipped with creative ideas and concepts to design and execute your product launch.


Wedding is not an event, it’s a ceremony of two individuals who starts their new life with the blessings of their family and unite two families together.

Wedding is one of the most significant aspect of any individual’s life wrapped in other family members aspirations as well, hence it has to be one of the best day in our life. After taking into consideration your country, religion, culture, customs and tradition, we design, decorate and make your day more stylish by delivering our innovative ideas, conceptualize whole event planning, music, entertainment and production will make your wedding a high profile luxury wedding.

Festival Events

Being home to more than 200 Nationalities, Dubai celebrates festivals round the clock throughout the year. There is always time to get together and celebrate the happiness, culture, tradition, entertainment and cultural food whether its Ramadan, Iftar Parties, Eid, Christmas, Diwali, Holi, Dubai Shopping festival, Dubai food festival or Dubai Summer Surprise. Pi Events & Production undertakes your festival needs with an understanding of the traditional values, heritage culture, we plan the festival with traditional activities, beautiful decoration, delicious food, cultural music and entertainment.

Event Entertainment

Entertainment plays a BIG role in any event, every event have some uniqueness and leave memories which we make possible for our clients.

Pi Events & Production have vast range of entertainment offers. You can chose from walkabout, dancers, musician, jugglers, circus acts, magicians, sand artists, fashion models, promoters and many more. These world class performers add to a dazzling effect to your celebrations and achievements.