Video Production

Video Production Company in Dubai

Video editing refers to cutting and pasting videos to complete materials, and video production refers to editing video materials and completing a single work. Below is the process of the video production:

Video Editing/Video Production Details
The Video Production Company in Dubai’s process is as follows.
If there is a client, they will make a plan based on the hearing. The concept is chosen by the goals of the video and the target audience. When creating a proposal, they often attach a rough drawing to convey the image to the people involved.

Scenario creation Create
A video scenario: If there is a cast, they will create specific lines. The storyboard (the overall blueprint made with illustrations) is produced at this stage.

They will shoot based on the scenario.

Video editing
Cut and paste the video you shot and edit it. In addition to the video material that was shot, there are cases where processing such as adding motion graphics is performed here.

Insert sound Add
Narration, BGM, and SE (sound effects) here. Videos that approach hearing, as well as sight, have a more significant impact on viewers.